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Focusing minds and opening eyes.

The Sheffield Institute for Policy Studies acts as showcase for the policy research undertaken at Sheffield Hallam University, in order to inform and shape policy locally and nationally. I have worked with the Institute on a number of newsletters and, most recently their annual report.
Annual Report | Print Design
Sheffield Institute for Policy Studies
They wanted to give the report a new design, breaking away from some of the restrictions of the Sheffield Hallam University, to create something individual and eye-catching. I used bold, block colours and strong typography to make what could have been a dry, academic report something really engaging.

Showcasing a unique and aspirational talent.

Sparklewren creates stunning corsetry and gowns, all designed and hand made in their Birmingham studio. They had already been growing a steady following on social media when they got the opportunity to open their own boutique in Birmingham city centre. It was then that they decided to use that opportunity to create a brand for themselves, appropriate for their exclusive clientele and that would help to continue to raise their profile.
Brand Identity | Brand Guidelines | Packaging & Print Design
Taking direct inspiration from Sparklewren’s work I began incorporating aspects of it into the identity designs. For the stationery a colour palette developed from the fabrics was combined with a pattern inspired by the various flossing details on the corsets.
The Look Book, created for the opening of her boutique and sent to a number of fashion publications, was singer stitched to reinforce the link between the corsetry and the print material.

Marrying taste with tradition for a special(ist) industry.

When Cotton House Cakes made the decision to refocus their business from celebration cakes to specialising in wedding cakes, I was approached to create an identity for them that would confidently position them within a very competitive sector. I worked with them to create a classic and clear identity that would fill prospective brides (and grooms) with confidence.
Identity Design | Print Design
Using stickers was a flexible and cost effective way of applying the Cotton House Wedding Cakes brand to the packaging.

Establishing Sheffield Girls’ as a leading independent school in the region.

Following a rebrand Sheffield High School for Girls wanted to overhaul their marketing materials, condensing them and creating a consistent look and feel across their online and print needs – starting with their annual magazine High Times. Working with the school I developed a clear and informative editorial style, using the brand colours to create clear sections and incorporating prominent imagery. The resulting publication acts as a showcase of the girl’s achievements, the pride and confidence the school has and strives for in its pupils.
Magazine Design | Print Design
Sheffield High School for Girls
When their signage needed replacing to reflect the GDST’s rebrand (the trust of schools that Sheffield Girls’ belongs to) I worked with them to ensure this update was applied consistently across their signage on each of their buildings.
The design of High Times influenced the redesign of all the school’s handbooks, leaflets and other print needs. Creating a body of work that is clear informative and unmistakably Sheffield Girls’.

Celebrating diversity and community spirit.

Each September Nether Edge, an area of Sheffield, hosts a range of events from gigs to baby mornings, yarnstorming to axe throwing – aiming to bring the community together in a fun, welcoming and inclusive way, celebrating all the residents have to offer. I worked with the festival organisers to create a vibrant and fun identity that would be eye-catching for residents of all ages.
Identity Design | Print Design | Icon Design | Illustration
The programme acts as the main marketing tool, being door dropped to every household in Nether Edge and a stack can be found in every shop and cafe locally. It promotes the Festival to those who may not have access to the internet or who are new to the area and gives them something engaging to read through.