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Showcasing a unique and aspirational talent.

Sparklewren creates stunning corsetry and gowns, all designed and hand made in their Birmingham studio. They had already been growing a steady following on social media when they got the opportunity to open their own boutique in Birmingham city centre. It was then that they decided to use that opportunity to create a brand for themselves, appropriate for their exclusive clientele and that would help to continue to raise their profile.
Brand Identity | Brand Guidelines | Packaging & Print Design
Taking direct inspiration from Sparklewren’s work I began incorporating aspects of it into the identity designs. For the stationery a colour palette developed from the fabrics was combined with a pattern inspired by the various flossing details on the corsets.
The Look Book, created for the opening of her boutique and sent to a number of fashion publications, was singer stitched to reinforce the link between the corsetry and the print material.